Some recent and current projects

Heritage studies and assessments

Goondiwindi Regional Council Heritage Survey (2010)

This survey revealed an interesting and diverse group of heirtage places including a rabbit works, levee bank on the McIntyre River and the first concrete water tank in Queensland.


At the beach: the cultural significance of beach settlements and houses [with Gerard Murtagh and Catherine Brouwer] (2001)

This study was commissioned by the National Trust of Queensland. The aims of the study were to: to describe and analyse the development of coastal holiday settlements in Queensland; identify the principal attributes of coastal holiday settlements; assess the cultural significance of coastal holiday settlements and key attributes;and provide guidelines for identifying places

Conservation Management Plans

St Joseph's Cathedral Rockhampton Conservation Management Plan (2013)

St Joseph's Cathedral is an imposing sandstone building erected in 1893-99 with extensions in 1980-82. A feature of the cathedral is the stained glass windows by the leading English firm of Hardman and Co.

Ipswich Railway Workshops Conservation Management Plan (2014)

The Ipswich Railway Workshops was established in 1864 and became the principal workshops for Queensland Railways manufacturing and repairing locomotives, wagons, carriages and other rollingstock.

Green Cape Lighthouse Conservation Management Plan [with Riddel Architecture] (2010)

Astor Theatre, Surat Conservation Management Plan [with Riddel Architecture] (2009)

This theatre was built originally as an open air theatre in c. 1925. The central section was later enclosed with a roof and a timber floor constructed. Regular screenings ceased in the 1980s but the building has remained substantially unchanged with seating, screen, projector room and equipment still intact.

Maroochy River Lift Bridge Conservation Management Plan (2003)

The Maroochy River Lift Bridge spans the river between River Store Road on the south and Store Road on the north. The bridge was built in 1921 by the Moreton Central Mill Company to provide a link from their mill in Nambout to cane farm on the northern side of the Maroochy River. It was built as a lift bridge to allow vessels to pass through. The bridge was decommissioned in 2009.

Birdsville Court House Conservation Management Plan [with Peter Marquis-Kyle] (2011)

The Birdsville Court House was built in 1888. In 1895 the building was converted into use as a Police Station. The building had been vacant since the 1980s when a new police station was erected.

Mount Morgan Cemetery Conservation Management Plan [with Riddel Architecture] (2012)

Mount Morgan cemetery was gazetted in 1888 and is distinguished a by the quality of the monumental masonry of many of the early headstones. Two significant memorials include the LiInda Memorial with the names of miners who had died in mining accidents and the Heung Lew, a chinese prayer oven.

Archaeological projects

Former female prison, Eagle Farm, Preliminary archaeological survey [with Richard Robins] (2007)

This site was excavated to assess what evidence survived of the convict establishment at Eagle Farm. This preliminary survey revealed that extensive fragments remain.

Former Brisbane Gaol - Petrie Terrace Barracks (2006)

This site was excavated prior to development as office block. It was part of the Petrie Terrace Police Barracks. The excavations revealed footings of several buildings including the gatehouse and a cell block. Footings of the gaol wall were uncovered and also the base of a substantial underground water tank. wall.

World War II Control Centre, Brisbane (2006)

Excavations during the construction of a bus tunnel in the Brisbane CBD revealed substantial remnants of a World War II Command Centre.

Museum projects

The Workshops Rail Museum
(Curator for the initial development of museum in 2000 and 2001).

Dandiiri Maiwar
(Member of curatorial team - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Cultures Centre at Queensland Museum).

North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum Assessment of significance (2009)

The North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum was established in 1987. It contains an interesting collection of objects about the history of the island and Moreton Bay. Some of the more significant items were used in the Dunwich Benevolent Asylum.

Historical research and writing

Targinnie: the history of a central Queensland community

Historical overview of the Great Artesian Basin