Yes, a historian. But probably not quite what you think - working away in dusty old archives, a semi-reluse. It's not quite like that at all. What do historians do? Yes research and write history. But more than that.

This website has modest ambitions - a means of sharing some of the results of my research and projects. During the course of my work I have travelled extensively throughout Queensland - it is also about sharing some of the interesting, unusual and fascinating places I have visited.


Find out what I can do - and examples of my work including historical research, heritage surveys, conservation management plans, heritage impact reports, assessments of significance of heritage places, heritage interpretation, curatoring museum exhibitions, archaeological projects.


The projects I have worked on have varied greatly over a decade. They have ranged from a heritage study of the Peel Island Lazaret, to histories of local communities and organisations to curating museum exhibitions.


My work has taken me to many parts of Queensland and I have often found unusual or fascinating places - windmills, World War II fortifications, unusual bridges, seaside houses, fences with a difference, homesteads. Have a look at some examples.


Toolbox for historians - bits and pieces I find useful working as a historian. Check out link to Historical value calculator.

Image gallery

Gallery of images of projects and places of interest