Queensland Religious Places

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Baptist Tabernacle
245 Fitzroy Street, Rockhampton 4700
Rev Recher (Taylor & Recher)
Relocated from Denison Street
Building originally erected in Dension Street 1906 but due to noise from trains in Denison Street (up to six during a service MB 21 Aug 1917) it was relocated to Fitzroy Street in 1917. Description of building in 1906: The new building is 60 ft 2 in long by 34 ft 2 in broad, with the walls 20 ft high from the stumps. There is thus nearly twice the floor space of the old church. The new building is of hardwood throughout. In front there is a Corinthian' porch 17 ft. long by 7 ft. wide, supported by three pillars with semi-circular heads and led up by two flights of stair. The doors, with semi-circular head give access to the interior. Three windows' are let into the front. Each side is supplied with six windows and a door. The inside walls are lined and the roof ceiled. The ceiling is of the not very unusal form known as the apex ceiling. (Capricornian 22 Dec 1906) With the construction of a new church adjacent in 1978, the building later became a bookshop.

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